We have a 48 hour cancellation policy. Less than 48 hours notice will result in a $40.00 Cancellation Fee. If this is not paid, it will be added to your next cleaning fee. Failure to pay, will result in your cleaning not being performed until the balance is brought current.

Clients who wish to cancel due to vacation must do so with at least 48 hours notice. If you are cancelling for vacation, you will be rescheduled at our earliest convenience as your home is still able to be serviced even with you not being present.


Payments must be completed within 36 hours of services being completed. We will send a courtesy reminder after 24 hours that payment has not yet been received. A $30.00 late fee will be applied after 36 hours.

Failure to pay will result in your late fee being added to your next clean. Balance, late fee, and any charges for your next clean must be made prior to your next service.

Failure to do so will result in us cancelling and removing you from the schedule.

*We understand sometimes things come up. If you communicate with us, we are happy to work with you!*


Existing Clients: After services have been completed we will let you know your next scheduled date. We always send a reminder by the end of day Sunday the week prior to your services.

If you are a monthly client and cancel twice, you will have two options:

  • Pay an initial clean fee to bring you back to maintenance standards
  • Do a priority list clean, where you are charged hourly and a tech will do what they can in 2 hours

New Clients: Please allow for 3-5 days when scheduling. New client initial cleans take up more time and we want to ensure that we can devote the same amount of time to your initial service that we do for all clients. If there is a cancellation in our schedule, we are happy to reach out to see if you would like to be moved up.

Other Policies

If your home requires extra time to tidy up and put things away, we reserve the right to implement additional charges

While we do include washing dishes in our services, if there are a significant amount of dishes left ( more than 8 ) we will require additional time at your appointment and will implement additional charges as necessary

We include the changing of bed linens in a service.

Prior to arrival please leave clean sheets out if you wish for linens to be changed and strip the beds prior to our team’s arrival. Otherwise the bed will be made as is.

Things we will not do:

  • Top bunk beds
  • Wet wipe or scrub walls
  • Move around excessive decor or cluttered areas
  • Wipe chandeliers, interior of china/curio cabinets
  • Hand wash floors
  • Climb higher than a two-step ladder
  • Clean any kind of biohazardous waste; including but not limited to pet waste, blood, rotting food, vomit.