Ryan Chait

Hi everyone! Welcome to Chaits Chores. My names Ryan and I am the owner of this company. A little about myself and the reason I love cleaning.

It all started when I got a job during my school breaks back in 2013 working for a cleaning company. In 2016, I left that company to join two fellow colleagues who started their own cleaning company. It’s great bosses like Holly and Laura that made me enjoy the work I did.

I started as a cleaning technician and became a seasonal supervisor for them when I had left NY to attend college. I graduated undergrad in 2020 and since it was a pandemic I decided not to return home and moved to South Carolina to obtain my masters degree.

As a way to make extra money while in grad school I started cleaning houses on the side. After I graduated in 2022, I started to work in my career field and got burnt out relatively quickly. I decided to go full time cleaning in August of 2023 and LLC’d my business, bringing to fruition Chaits Chores.

There’s something about helping people maintain their space that makes me happy. I love working with people and the public. I have a diverse background in the service industry and working with people, combining that with my passion of cleaning really makes me who I am.

I believe if you love what you do you never work a day in your life. I do not see my job as a job but as a fun and exciting adventure that I get enjoyment out of. There is no better feeling helping people achieve cleanliness, and helping maintain their spaces.

Some fun facts about me:

  • I’m from LI, NY
  • I’m a dog dad to a sweet goldendoodle but love all animals
  • I love coffee, chances are high I show up to a cleaning with one!
  • I love to travel